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Metal Toilet Partitions
W.G. Wood Sales offers a special line of metal partitions and compartments. We offer a huge variety of partitions and compartments made from finest materials available on the market. These are available in wide variety materials. We offer best selections of Metal Partition. Our partitions and compartments are top choices among the leading designers, builders, and architects. in case, you have been looking for a range of panels and cores that guarantees flexibility when it to picking a combination of panel, reach us. We promise you the core and hardware that ideally suits your application.
- Standard Warranty 1 Year
Ideal use: Schools, Colleges, Change Rooms, Offices & Multi-use facilities
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Stainless SteelStainless Steel Toilet Partitions WG Wood Sales is known for its exclusive range of stainless steel partitions and compartments. Our exequisite range of partitions and compartments crafted from premium quality stainless steel is a huge hit among customers who expect true value for their money invested. The model is highly recommended for those who consider durability and economy as main elements when buying stainless steel compartments. Our stainless steel partitions and compartments are most common among schools, public washrooms and restaurants.
- Standard Warranty 1 year
Ideal Use: Our Stainless steel partitions and compartments are most common among, public washrooms, offices, change room, recreational facilities and restaurants.
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Solid Plastic
Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions
WG Wood Sales has introduces one of its kind solid plastic partitions and compartments to ensure maximum satisfaction to customers. Purchasing premium Quility solid plastic partitions from us will ensure you best returns from your investment. Our products are completly rust proof and 100% power woshable. That is not all! These solid plastic partitions and compartments come with a guarantee for graffiti, moisture, odors, and mildew resistance feature. Our customers will save their valuable time hassle as well as maintenance costs. These products are one of a kind and give us an edge over our competitors.
- Standard Warranty 25 years
Ideal Use: Schools, Recreational facilities, change rooms, parks and any other high traffic areas.
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Solid Phenolic
Solid Phenolic Toilet Partitions
WG Wood Sales is committed to offer state of the art quality solid phenolic compartments and partitions We assist developers, architects, and property managers in constructiong and maintaining commercial properties. Our emphasis is on providing our esteemed patrons with long-term durability and functionality. Other features of our exclusive range of products include easy maintenance and replacement of containment. the tiolet partition materials are of highest quality and the final products are also developed from significantly recycled stainless steel restroom accessories. We want to give our customers a green environment.
- Standard Warranties 10-15 Years
Ideal Use: High traffic buildings, Schools, public washrooms, offices, change room, recreational facilities and restaurants.
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Restroom Comparment Commercial restroom compartments and architectural wood flush doors are Ampco’s main product lines. Quality products, reliable service, and competitive prices have led to steady growth in production capabilities, personnel, and satisfied customers.
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Plastic Laminate
Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions
W.G. Wood Sales offers plastic laminate designs that calls for ultimate style statement combined with durability, functionality, and affordability. We are proud to claim that all our products are crafted in a fashion to combine durability and distinction for a variety of moderate traffic restrooms. Laminated surface with a particle board core. Hardware options are chrome and or stainless steel. Scratch, dent and impact resistant.
- Standard 1 Year Warranty
Ideal Use: Low traffic restrooms, offices & restaurants. Non moisture prone areas.
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# Floor mounted compartments are recommended where ceiling heights make installation of ceiling supported compartments impractical and where overhead bracing is not required.
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