Bathroom items

W.G. Wood Sales, located in Richmond Hill, ON, has built a strong reputation in the construction industry, with over 45 years experience. The company has been contracted out to manage some very challenging construction projects in Ontario, Quebec, the US, and the Caribbean. Exceptional customer service, accommodating attitude, experience in providing turnkey project management, and the ability to remain consistent in providing on-time service has made W.G. Wood Sales an industry leader and a winner of quality contract awards. W.G. Wood Sales’ locker products include lockers of all types: locker room lockers, changing room lockers, school lockers, keypad lockers, and storage lockers. The company is also a distributor of bathroom products and bathroom accessories including partitioning, and toilet paper holders. W.G. Wood Sales has the right bathroom accessory and the right partition for any commercial project and has provided toilet partitions and more to many general contractors, architects, interior designers, townships, and municipalities. The company also works with all levels of Canadian and US government. W.G. Wood Sales is a stocking distributor of metal toilet compartments that ship between 24-48 hours. All products are backed by manufacturers’ written warranty, from 1-25 years. The company also offers benches, Amerope lead glass, projection screens, and mailboxes.

Stainless steel partitions

W.G. Wood Sales Company Ltd. is a leading supplier of storage solution and integrated-use facility products. Through Shanahan’s Distribution Center, W.G.Wood Sales Company Ltd. offers a wide array of storage lockers, key-pad and coin operated lockers, spatial room partitioning, partition screens, bathroom accessories, bathroom items and other products designed for high-volume use in pubic and common areas. Providing wall protection and corner guards, W.G. Wood Sales Company Ltd. allows the customer to ensure safe and proper operations of frequently patronized areas of the workplace or institutional building by protecting and preparing them for optimal use. Products include – but are not limited to – mailboxes, key-pad lockers, stainless steel, wood and plastic lockers, coin-operated and school lockers made to meet the highest of standards and withstand the most rigorous of demands. W.G. Wood Sales Company also supplies products such faucets, garbage disposal, toilet-paper holder and dispensary units to meet commercial or industrial grade requirements.

With premium spatial partitions and room dividers, W.G. Wood Sales Company Ltd. offers a product of uniform dependability, with chrome stocking hardware and sturdy resilient construction. Toilet partitioning, changing room benches and seating, partition screening and vanity stations are among the many ranges of products available to consumers such as schools, athletic clubs, institutions, businesses, public facilities and buildings and community centers. With W.G. Wood Sales Company Ltd., there isn’t a project to big or small, we supply the facility products for all. For a custom quotation and further information or to browse the products and place orders please visit or call toll-free: 1-800-813-9862.

Steel locker

At W.G. Wood Sales Company Ltd., the optimization of your business, institution or facility space for efficient operation is our specialty. We offer customizable lockers, wall partitioning, bathroom accessories and coin operated storage solutions to meet your individual requirements and specifications. Equip your facility space for easy usage and practical durability our variety of locker and partition options. Whether it is gym lockers, locker room lockers, changing room lockers or school lockers, W.G. Wood Sales delivers uniformity and systematic spatial service at a cost-efficient price.

W.G. Wood Sales Company provides the highest quality secure steel lockers made by recognized locker manufacturers with the contoured service and convenience of one-stop-shop outfitting of your building facility. Also available through W.G. Wood Sales Company Ltd. are stainless steel partitions, partition screens, Amerope lead screening glass, washroom accessories (including toilet partitioning, faucets, receptacles, dispensaries, toilet paper holders and change tables), benches, vanities and more. Whatever you require in facility outfitting, W.G. Wood Sales Company will supply you with the materials needed for your space to function properly.

                To request a quotation on your project, to place an order or to contact us directly visit or call toll-free: 1-800-813-9862. At W.G. Wood Sales Company Ltd., we are committed to equipping you with the right product to make your work space work.

Make your style statement in washroom accessories.

In today’s world style dominates every aspect of human life from what you wear to where you work. Everyone wishes the décor of each and every corner of the workplace to be perfectly designed and well suited with washrooms being a no exception. In this context a portfolio of washroom accessories are available in stores to give you the immense satisfaction of having a luxurious washroom. Washroom accessories have the uniqueness of just turning things around from simple to classy.


Apart from the basic washroom accessories like toilets, closets, sinks, bathtubs, shelves, shower valves, and lighting fixtures that makes make your washroom operational, there are other categories of luxurious washroom accessories in form of toilet roll holders, warm air dryers, grab rails / accessibility aids, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, waste bins, signage and other miscellaneous spares, for which options in each category are galore. 


Choosing the appropriate washroom accessory is an important call that totally depends upon your lifestyle and preferences. You do need mini-cabinet to hold towels or heated towel rails or a wall shelf to display your toiletries, door mounted hooks to hang your changing clothes and so on for other purposes.


Your budget specifications are an important area to consider while selecting the appropriate washroom accessories.  Preparing a list of the must have accessories is very crucial and if you have spare credit you could opt for other fancy items. Of course you should never compromise quantity for the sake of quality and hence approach stores that offer genuine and long lasting accessories.


Changing outlook and preference for modern washrooms

Washrooms or toilets are commonly termed as washroom in laymen language. Generally people address public utility washrooms as washrooms. Washrooms would typically have toilet and a sink. But with modernization to every aspect of life, washrooms are no way an exception. In an indirect manner, washrooms highly count in switching a person’s moods and this factor calls for interior and exterior part of the washrooms to be very cautiously designed. In recent times, a lot of people decorate their workplace washroom beautifully by using Washroom accessories and other available Washroom items to add on to its elegancy, most of which is available online as well.


In case you are thinking of redoing your washroom interiors you can renovate your washroom by substituting your old washroom accessories and other equipments with new designs available at competitive prices. Today a lot of options are available in form of washroom accessories that change its outlook from simple old fashioned to subtle and elegantly luxurious place. There are stuff like Employee lockers , Gym lockers, Storage locker, Metal lockers, Mini lockers, Partitioning. Partition screens for your comfort and style. Toilet accessories like Steel locker, Stainless steel partitions, Solid plastic partitions, Changing room lockers, Industrial lockers and Coin operated lockers are in great demand.


These may include stylish taps, specialized showers, smarter wash basins, comfortable toilet seats, bath tubs and many other designer products available at reasonable prices, giving a beautiful and impressive look to your washroom.


There are elite as well as simple designs in washrooms available by various companies to suit the nature and function of buildings. Prestige buildings like corporate headquarters, major universities, civic centers, etc will prefer to have washrooms with excellent architectural design, high quality materials and equipment having a minimal use and abuse.


Standard use buildings like commercial office, healthcare centers, hospitality projects and manufacturing plants have high importance attached to equipment durability of washrooms because of their heavy use and abuse and budget specifications.


Heavy traffic buildings like schools, retail malls, amusement parks, recreation facilities and transportation centers also prefer washrooms with equipment durability over design and extra-large capacities due to certain periods of extreme traffic flows and user prone habit and abuse.


There are these companies that specialize in manufacture of all kinds and wide range of washroom related equipments, toilets, sinks, cubicles, partitions, lockers, vanities, benching, Toilet paper holder etc. These companies provide and install high quality innovative washroom products within stipulated time and budget.


So these companies meet the varying requirements of markets as diverse as leisure, commercial, retail and education, thereby offering a range of products and services and committed to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in quality, delivery and service introducing such policies and procedures, in-depth analysis of customer and employee feedback. Thus, there is no need to have an outdated shabby looking washroom any more, just surf around and you will soon create a modernized up to date washroom In  your workplace which will uplift your corporate image.